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Loredana, all made in Italy

For three generations of Loredana, quality has been at the center of collections dedicated to little girls and teenagers from 0 to 16 years.

Italian quality, craftsmanship and skill focused on details, materials and timeliness. 

LOREDANA was founded in 1949 in Putignano in the province of Bari and is located in an important Italian industrial district of children’s clothing manufacturers.

The company has been - and always will be - true to "Made entirely in Italy”.

Tradition, family, craftsmanship and quality.
Loredana bases its collections on these values and also on innovation, research and experimentation.

Always with a single goal: to dress the girls from the first days of life until their early teens. Specially made with taste, with the eye of whom creates the fashion and with the hands of whom makes the fashion.

Made in Italy, made in Loredana.

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A history over 60 years old

The company was founded over 60 years ago. Successive generations have followed.
The company’s creation is linked to the story of a family from Apulia that has always dedicated itself with love to little girls’ clothing. 

Beginning with Angela Notarnicola, who in the early fifties decided to open a small workshop, to her daughter Loredana, now owner and chief designer, who follows the company in the front row together with her daughter Marina, young, gritty and innovative presence in a company which is continually growing and evolving.

  • In 1949 - in the middle of Italian industrial growth - the couple Angela and Giovanni Leogrande created a small workshop which they decided to name after their eldest daughter Loredana

  • In the 60s they began to distribute their small collection all over Italy

  • In the mid-'80s, the company began to participate in the first Italian trade fairs that opened the doors to an international market: the family and the company made their creations known all over the world

  • In 2002, with an eye towards Asia, Loredana participated in trade fairs in Shanghai, Osaka and Tokyo which led to the opening of their first boutique in Xiamen, China in 2004

Today Loredana may be found in many different countries all over the world, with an extensive and constantly expanding distribution network.

The company still collaborates closely with excellent pattern makers, designers and seamstresses who make any garment special and of the highest quality.

Loredana exemplifies the true Made in Italy brand, which today more than ever is highly regarded and widely sought after all over the world.

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Business Philosophy

“Made in Italy represents for us the ability to utilize the resources of this land.

Our area, in particular the industrial district around Putignano, is linked by tradition to ceremonial clothing.

In the skilled hands of these excellent tailors any piece becomes unique and of the highest quality.

This is the characteristic of the mastery of craft: be able to industrially produce clothing without losing the handmade touch.

We have always tried to make this the strength of our collections and of our business"

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